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GoDaddy Email Marketing Hilfe

Making your emails social

What's better than an GoDaddy Email Marketing campaign? An GoDaddy Email Marketing campaign connected to all your social profiles, and sharable by your subscribers!

In GoDaddy Email Marketing, there are two different types of "Social Links" that you can add to your campaigns. The first are Social Icons, that link your users to your various profiles on all your different social platforms. The other are Social Sharing Links that let your readers share the email, themselves.

Adding Social Icons to your GoDaddy Email Marketing campaigns

You can connect any of your social profiles to your GoDaddy Email Marketing account, and have each of them show up as an icon at the bottom of your GoDaddy Email Marketing emails. (You can also change the position of them, using our Campaign Tweaks add-on, or insert them manually with our macro shortcuts, too.) Just click on Addons at the top of any GoDaddy Email Marketing screen, and then on the Social option. Then you can set it up, from there.

Social link button icons in campaign

You won't be able to see this row of icons, while you're editing your campaign. But they will show up on the Preview page, and when you send your email, for sure!

Now, these icons are not used for sharing your campaigns, but have no fear! Read on, to include ways for your readers to share...

Adding Social Sharing Links to your GoDaddy Email Marketing emails

The Social Sharing Links are a way for you to encourage your subscribers to get involved in the conversation, and share your emails themselves.

When you hit Send on any campaign, and get to the Mailing Details page, you'll see a column of checkboxes at the bottom. You can tick these options, to add your sharing buttons to the very top of your email. You can choose to add buttons that will let people do the following:

  • like on Facebook
  • tweet on Twitter
  • pin to Pinterest
  • +1 on Google+
  • like on LinkedIn
Social share options display above email

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